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Subject: Experimentation 5Normal disclaimers. Don't read if you are offended by gay/bisexual stories.
Don't read if you are underage in your particular part of the world.Enjoy .....
********************Part - 5We got into the shower. My back to his front. He ran his hands all over my
smaller than his body. I've never felt so good, he nibbled my neck, kissing
and licking. Hands all over me, I was so hard, even after everything
today. But he was only washing my body with his hands, nothing sexual, but
Everything erotic. I cud feel his hardness in my back. We just swayed as he
held me under the water cascading down over our naked bodies.We stood under the water, Jamie just holding me, it felt good, it felt
right. I felt safe and relaxed.He broke the silence with, "you know I actually quite like you."This made me smile, "I like you too." I replied.The water turned a luke warm and we got out, dried each other off. He
didn't take his eyes off me, was kinda unnerving, but made me smile.He pulled on some shorts, no top, no underware. "let me go see my parents,
look it's gone 9pm, would you like to stay for the night? I'll go check
it's ok with my parents, if it is, you check with yours?" he looked at me,
almost pleasing with his eyes."ok," I said, "Friday tomorrow, I don't have any college. And I supposed to
be staying at my girl---- exgirlfriends anyways, so my dad isn't expecting
me.." thinking about nude lolita preteen galleries it, he wouldn't miss me even if I had been at home
normally.He smiled that sparkling grin and ran off.I pulled on my jeans again. And my tshirt. And twiddled my thumbs for a
bit, then jamie bounded back in."mums doing dinner for us now," he grinned. "and you can stay, I told them
we have a history project to do together, well I actually do!""but I don't do history!" I said."and? She doesn't know that!"He hugged me and I felt my face against his smooth, muscled chest. I just
purred as he held me.He let me go eventually, we sat and talked a bit. About college and
shit. His mum called up to us that dinner was ready, jamie pulled lolita 16 yo pic on a vest
shirt, which was tight and showed his great arms."hello matthew," his mum said. "glad jamie thought to introduce you to us
eventually." she glared at jamie."sorry." he said."hi mrs......" I suddenly realised I no idea what jamies surname was!!Luckily she interrupted me, "don't mrs Anderson me, only the bank call me
that! Gemma is fine, and this is michael, jamies dad."Phew, his dad was sat at the dinner table he got up and shook my hand.We sat down to a lovely meal, we had chicken, loads of boiled potatoes and
veg. Jamie scoffed a load away, so much for watching how much he eats! Then
again it was all fresh. We joked about, had a laugh, his parents were
really laid back, I envied his home life if this is how it was all the
time. Mine was nothing like this. If I wanted to eat, then I had to make it
myself, so I lived on toast most of the time. Probably why I a so skinny!It was real lolicon galleries pics great, I managed to forget all about today, and just have fun with a
family. The heart ache and confusion went. And I was happy, I should be
moody, no smiles, that's what I am like most of the time, fits the "emo"
image I guess.We finnished up, I was so full I couldn't move."jamie, clear up please." his father said.Jamie got up, but I put my hand on his and stopped top sites preteens lolitas him."I'll do it," I said. "as thanks fir the meal.""no you are a guest. Let jamie do his chores." his dad said.Jamie just looked at me and nodded, I guess it was ok then. His mum got up
to help him, they were over by the sink washing up, him and mum talking. I
couldn't hear the conversation, but I am sure I heard the word boyfriend,
after she said that he glared at her and said no. Boyfriend?? Did Jamies
parents know he was gay? And they assumed I was his boyfriend? My heart
rate picked up, and I think I went pale, well paler, Jamies dad asked me if
I was ok. I said yes, and we spoke about college, my life at home. He was
very easy to talk too, found myself telling him almost everything bar what
had happened today, all about my dad, his drinking, having to feed myself
and look after myself all the time.I could almost see the hurt in his eyes, I don't think he could understand
how a father could be like that to their son."no wonder Jamie likes you then. Apart from being a nice lad, he always did
find people less fortunate than himself to be with."I just looked down at my feet, lolita 16 yo pic kind of embarresed."I'm done, is it ok to go now?" Jamie asked his father."go ahead, get some work done, and have some fun." his lolita bbs portal list dad replied.Jamie bounced over to me. This guy has to much energy I thought! He grabbed
my arm and pulled me up."thanks for dinner it was lovely mrs......." I paused as I got glared at my
Jamies mum. ".....Gemma"she smiled, and said" thanks and enjoy your evening."I got dragged, by an over excited, bouncing seemingly 5 year old lolita top pay sites child all
the way back to his room. He closed the door behind me and stood infront of
me, I looked up to his big beaming smile, and couldn't help but smile
back. He leaned down and kissed me, and I kissed him back. I felt a
stirring in my jeans again. For fucks sake, I thought as I hardened
up. What the hell was this? Being turned on by this guy.We kissed for a bit, then he pulled me onto the bed."let's play a game." he said."huh?" I said back."on my PS3." he said."oh, thought u meant something else!" I said."maybe later," he grinned at me, kissed me on the cheek, and bounced to his
tv and ps3 on the other side of the room. He fished out a game, took off
his vest and threw it on the floor, he streched, I was looking at his back,
which was nicely defined, he popped the game in and we started.We were playing FIFA. And he was beating me, I kept being distracted by
him, and his body flexing as he played. Such a nice smooth muscled body,
kept distracting me, and he kept scoring."this isn't fair." I said."why? Cos I'm better than you?" he said chuckling."no, you keep distracting me!" I said."can't take your eyes off my body huh?" he joked.Guess I blushed, and he grinned at me. How could I even this up. An evil
thought entered my head. I took off my top, and then my jeans too. And sat
back down naked on his bed.I could feel his eyes watching me, as I scored in the game."shit," he said.So I moved and layed on my front so he cud get a good look at my ass.Scored again.The feeling of being watched was turning me on. I could feel his eyes on my
ass.Scored again - we were level now."tease," he said under his breath.Final whistle went - a draw, a fair result.He jumped on my back, straddling my body. And started tickling my sides and
under lolita bbs portal list my arms."nooooooooooooooooooo," I squeeled as I tried to fight him off. He fingers
tickled me everywhere, we were both laughing out loud, I was screaming as
he lolita nude kids pics
continued to attack my sides.Someone banged on his door,"quiet down you two!" his dad said. " it's getting late."We both sniggered as were told off. Jamie was still on top of me, now he
was laying on my back, skin to skin. He kissed my neck and I purred as he
licked, I turned my face, and we kissed.We broke for a second and I said, "can I ask you something?""sure," he whispered in by ear."earlier, when you were washing up, with your mum, did she ask you if I was
your boyfriend?"He paused a little, "yeah she did.""you said no." statement more than question."I said no." jamie reiterated."ok," I don't know why I asked him that, "your parents know you are gay?""they do," he said as he nuzzled my neck."so they think I am gay." I said."I see where this is going, no they don't know, I don't know, and it seems
you don't know either!" jamie said."hmmmm," I said, sonewhat unsatisfied with the response, though I didn't
know what answer would have been satisfactory. "where am I staying tonight?
You have a spare room?"Jamie went silent and looked somewhat hurt."well, um, yeah sure if that's what you want." he got off me. And pulled
his top back on."what did I say?" I asked him."doesn't matter, I'll get the spare room ready." he said."wait, I've upset you? What did I do?" I said as I jumped up and got
inbetween him and his door. He looked hurt and almost crying."well, I kinda hoped you would want to stay with me for the night?" he
said, looking down at his feet."oh......" I realised how I'd hurt him,"I didn't want to assume, you know,
it's kind of been a wild day for me, I didn't want to push it.""it's ok, I should let you think for a bit, has been a tough day for you."
he said."it's been made a lot better being with you, I want to stay with you
tonight." I said.The smile returned to his face. He closed the curtains, turned off the
tv. Walked over to me, stood right in front of me. So close, but not
touching me at all. He reached behind me, and turned the light off. We were
plunged into pitch back. I felt his hand on mine, and he pulled me back
across his room to the bed, I heard him sit down, and scoot across the
bed. I joined him, he spooned up behind me, I felt his naked body next to
mine. I felt his arms embrace me. I felt his breath on my neck, which sent
shivvers down my spine. He held me tight. I felt safe. After all that had
happened today, I now felt safe in a naked mans arms."night baby." he whispered in my ear.What the hell do I say to him? I decided to just say night. He squeezed me
a little tighter, and then relaxed. I lay there for about 10 mins, I hear
his breathing slow. Jamie had fallen asleep, I closed my eyes. And drifted
off to a contented sleep.********************End of part 5, still have a couple of ideas of chapters left in me.Any feedback mail or join my yahoo group that has
all my stories.
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